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With LSLanguages you can take control of Spanish, Italian & Sardinian with native tutors

Our 5 Effective Teaching Styles

We strongly believe in the need of capturing 100% of our students’ attention as motivation is a ‘must’ for us. Thus, we use an efficient and dynamic method for you to live the best experience ever.

  • Conversation based learning 100%
  • Use of multimedia tools 100%
  • “Real-World” Learning 100%
  • Role playing approach 100%
  • Collaborative learning 100%

What we offer


Spanish&Italian Conversation

Conversations with a native speaker are a fun (and easy!) way to practice your language skills. You can choose a topic you are interested in, prepare it and practise it with your language tutor. We’d like to know about your culture and interests, too.

Interview Preparation

Interested in improving your Spanish or Italian for working purposes? Prepare for your interview with LSLanguages. Role play with your native tutor, practise answering questions, self-introduction. Your CV and cover letter will be also proofread.

General Spanish & Italian

Start putting in practise the Spanish or Italian grammar by talking about your family, children and pets, where you live, what you do, and what you like doing. The aim is for you to be able to communicate in real-life situations.

Exam Preparation

Set your goals for the certification in Spanish or Italian as a Foreign Language (DELE, CELI) exam, and we will create a customised learning plan to help you reach them.

Your benefits

Conversation based tutorials

Enjoy our live conversation method to really improve your goals in Spanish and Italian.

Clear explanations

As a native tutors we will ensure you get an efficient comments to any doubt or difficulty you may have.

Incredible progress

Our method is to speak in the target language from early times, thus you will see a quick improvement.

Flexible time

You will be in contact with your native tutor in every little corner of the world: at home, at your office, while on holiday.

What will you achieve by the end of the language program?

  • Understand and use information on familiar topics.
  • Communicate in a professional way in Italian or Spanish.
  • Speak and discuss your opinion with native speakers with a level of fluency and spontaneity.
  • Introduce yourself in a job interview including how to greet, what to say and what to do.

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