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Lorena - Spanish tutor and Founder

Lorena - Spanish tutor and Founder

¡Hola, me llamo Lorena!

Born in Extremadura, I studied Translation and Interpreting in Granada. I also have a Master Degree in Teaching Spanish and English as a foreign language.

I’ve been teaching these languages for many years. I have worked for individuals, for private centres, and in some schools from different countries.

In 2009, I moved to Italy to work in a private school, teaching Spanish and English to students of different levels. It was in 2010 when I moved to France where I spent an academic year teaching Spanish in a high school. Later that year I moved to Ireland where I lived for six years, combining my teaching activity with a full-time job. That was an unforgettable life experience.

Speaking four different languages has allowed me to understand all possible challenges students may face during the learning process. Thus, I provide several resources and techniques to put Spanish grammar into practice in a natural and simple way (Grammar classes, conversations, real-life situations).

If you are passionate about the Spanish language, you love travelling, and meeting people from a different culture, let’s begin this experience together!

Stefano - Italian & Sardinian tutor and Co-Founder

Stefano - Italian & Sardinian tutor and Co-Founder

Ciao, mi chiamo Stefano! – Saludi, seu Stefano!

Born and raised in Sardinia, a beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea.

My background is in Political Science and sales&customer support but my passion for languages and travels was always around my mind from a very young age. That is why in 2009, I left my beloved island and moved to Ireland looking for a new life experience. It was absolutely an unregretted time that lasts for seven years!

I became an language tutor because I like connecting with people from different cultures and enjoy helping people succeed.

Working as an language conversation partner is a privilege as I love to talk about any subject and also learn about my students’ interests and culture.

In these years, apart from having learnt Spanish and improved my English, I’ve had the opportunity to take some online courses, and webinars in order to constantly keep updated. Now, I am based in Badajoz where I continue working on my professional development and my teaching skills.

My main purpose is to make our time together enjoyable, helpful and fun for you. Hope to talk to you soon!


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