Learn Sardinian with a native speaker!
Looking to study Sardinian but you can’t find any online resources or a native speaker to practise with? Don’t give up, Stefano can help you now.

Why study Sardinian with me?

The first one-to-one online classes via Skype held by a native tutor.

This is a great opportunity to learn the language anywhere, anytime and on any device now.

Conversation tutoring led by a native speaker

I know looking for a native speaker who teaches Sardinian online can be quite frustrated. That is why the idea of leading this tutoring came to my head.

Your native tutor will tell you all about his own culture and traditions in Sardinian language.

You’ve travelled to Sardinia and you are curious about its culture, traditions or local food, and you want to know more about it. That’s why I am here!

Innovative online resources for English speakers

Are you an English speaker and you don’t know how to start learning this Romance language or you think it could be a very hard task? I have authentic materials and resources that will help you to make this journey easier and enjoyable!

Don't hesitate, contact me now for your first lesson online


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